Ladies Elevated & Driven

We empower Ladies to connect to their own values, voices, and sense of purpose.

We live in a time in which ladies have the greatest opportunity we have ever had to become leaders in the community.  We have the skills, education, and resources to lead— yet an overwhelming gender gap remains.

Due to the cultural pressures young ladies face to be “perfect,” girls often compare themselves to others.  This causes them to diminish their own qualities to fit in; or worse, resort to unhealthy behaviors to compensate for feeling unworthy.  

To give young ladies the greatest opportunities to be successful, they need to connect to their own values, voices, and sense of purpose. LEAD Ladies has been cultivated as the solution to this need.


Program Details

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Sabrina TRAPP

Sabrina is a Florida educator, driven by a passion for community outreach. After earning both her B.S and M.S. at Bethune-Cookman, she diligently strives to teach and uplift those within marginalized communities.  She has served in various capacities, ranging from HBCU's, juvenile correctional facilities, schools, and women's empowerment organizations. 

Regardless of the backdrop, Sabrina's intention remains the same— to transform those she serves into "change agents," eager to make a positive impact within their own community.


Michelle BROWN

Michelle is dedicated to shaping and molding the youth into the individuals they were born to be as a leader. Michelle teaches the youth how to boldly step into their own personal identity and is extremely passionate about being clear in her message to the youth, "Each person has their own unique identity, which means no individual is meant to be the same as another."

Everyone has a specific leadership gift or talent to give to the world.  

Michelle has her Bachelors in Psychology, her Masters in Transformative Leadership, and is currently in the process of completing her Doctorate Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Michelle firmly believes that education comes first because that is something no one can ever take away from our young leaders as an individuals.