Program Details

At LEAD Ladies, we are preparing girls to become change agents in their communities, with the deep understanding that change starts from within.  Help make a difference today by donating to LEAD Ladies Inc. so that we can host more workshops, secure a permanent meeting location, and provide materials for Passion Projects. 100% of donations go directly to LEAD LADIES INC.


Self-Love & Self-Awareness

Goal: To obtain conscious knowledge of one’s character, feelings and desires. Understand change starts with self love.


1. Workshops (i.e. cultivating self-love confidence, vision boards,, dealing with peer pressure, social media etiquette, nature of friendships, etc.)  

2. Implementation of mindfulness and positive affirmations

3. Social team-building purposeful activities (i.e. Beach Day BBQ, Skating Bonding, Painting, Skating, etc.)

4. Guest speakers

Passion Projects

Goal: This program inspires girls to have the voice, confidence and problem-solving capacity to speak up, be decision makers, create visionary change and realize their full potential. Well-integrated academics, technology, non-cognitive and social emotional learning, leadership and cultural experiences enhance program outcomes.


1. Research and assess improvement opportunities within the community

2. Design, create, and implement individual “Passion Projects” to drive change



Big Sister, Little Sister

Goal: Provide students supported one-on-one relationships with collegiate women from surrounding colleges. 


1. Connect with UNF, JU, BCU sororities/groups

2. Have an outline for “Big Sister” to follow for their mentee